Congratulations!      You realy do want to succeed..............
STEP 1 - Clear your mind of all the on-line job, work at home programs you have tried and wasted money on. I do not want you going into this adventure with any negative feelings. I do want you going into this adventure with determination, a clear mind to earn, and knowing you will have to do some work. Success is built on this foundation. Things will not happen overnite, but I assure you they will HAPPEN for you. Motivation and determination is the key to Step 1. You noticed I have not asked you to buy anything, pay for anything, click anything, or give me any information. I simply need you to be MOTIVATED and DETERMINED to continue to the next steps of my program. Remember this is a real job, real work, and real earning online. I simply can not have people getting on board that will bring down our company and morale

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